• Cannon Liquid Lay Down Process CFRP


CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Part) is a family of composites based on preformed or non preformed multi layer inserts of carbon fibers to be impregnated with a thermoset resin.

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    Polyurethane Processing

    Clear Coating is a technology to mould a thin layer of a 2K Polyurethane transparent resin over a substrate with the purpose to create a protective, smooth and shiny surface.

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    Single Station Thermoforming Machine

    CREA® 080503 and 100704

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    Automatic release agent‐free moulding process

    The Cannonpatented F&F® process is based on a thermoforming film technology, eliminating all cleaning and spraying operations. It consists in the introduction, within the moulding sequence, of a TPO or TPU film. By using a vacuum effect, this film adheres perfectly and smoothly to the mould cavity without any creases or wrinkle formation. 

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    Moulds for domestic and commercial refrigerators

    Cannon Ergos  provides complete turn key solutions for cabinet and door liners. For any refrigerator model, we offer several products and services.