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Continuous Panels 

Polyurethane-filled panels for structural and insulation applications are produced using discontinuous or continuous foaming systems.
Designed to best fit each customer's requirements and budget, Cannon solutions are available in several versions, all characterized by high productivity and optimum foam distribution.
The Cannon experience allow to offer complex turnkey plants, with an high degree of integration between foaming process, automatic handling, production programming and quality control or can jointly work with worldwide suppliers of non-polyurethane related equipment (roll forming, post processing, etc..)
Cannon, in the past and even more today and in the future, can offer the best product portfolio counting on the proven experience of technical and process engineers able to offer, design, manufacture, test and run the most sophisticated sandwich panels continuous and discontinuous production lines. When the targeted panel market is identified the continuous lines, due to the high productivity, are the most effective solutions for satisfying highly demanding panel producers.
Single machinery and complete plants are available for the production of roof, wall and cold room panels, insulation boards, sectional and garage doors and air conditioning and ventilation ducts.
Cannon has developed 2 main families for continuous application:
1) Rigid facing plants including:
Roll forming
Dosing and pouring equipment
Polymerization conveyor with lateral caterpillar
Cooling, stacking and downloading
2) High speed flexible facing plants
Unwinding section
Dosing and pouring equipment
High speed polymerization conveyor with possibility of tilting