Composites Processing

HP-RTM is the latest development in the field of RTM parts production, in order to effectively reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

Cannon has developed dedicated turn-key solutions for the production of HP-RT M parts, including:

  • High tonnage presses
  • Epoxy dosing and injecting units
  • Moulds

The interconnection between these three elements is what gives birth to a highly integrated process, where temperatures, pressures, and times are clearly defined and monitored throughout part production.
The long experience in Cannon on high tonnage presses for compression moulding has been duly transferred into this new field of application. Flexibility in the design combined with versatile solutions has proven a winning strategy in the development and supply of several different moulding systems.

The key item in the technology is the dedicated dosing and injection unit for an accurate mixing and distribution of the epoxy matrix inside the fiber reinforcement. The feedback signals from right inside the mould cavity manage an accurate feedback control on the injection itself, as well as on the press process parameters. For these reasons, I highly integrated mould is an essential item of the turn-key system

The achievement of a sustainable production, both in terms of quality as well as in terms of volumes, cannot easily do without a properly designed pre-forming line. This part of the equipment has the objective to ease the “formability” of the fiber reinforcement, giving a preliminary 3D shape to the bi-dimensional fiber material (pre-form) and thus improve the speed in positioning the reinforcement inside the mould cavity in the production line, as well as the quality of the products on the HP-RTM line.